Place of Encountering the Other

Place of Encountering the Other – Ort des Einandertreffens

The second core process of the project Forum Ort des Treffens (Forum Place-of-Encounter) is called ‘Encounter with the Other’ (Einandertreffen). A small group of people who have already taken part in process of ‘Encounter with Oneself’ (Selbsttreffen) may come together and reflect again on the two questions:

What am I doing on earth?

What does it mean to me to be in the world?

Up to now the ‘Encounter with the Other’(Einandertreffen) has taken place in the ‘Hodler-Saal’ in Hanover’s New Townhall, but this process is now being organised in other places, too.

An extended yellow felt circle in the centre of the space defines the arena of the ‘Encounter with the Other’(Einandertreffen).

Several chairs are positioned with their front legs on the extended circle the shared space of imagination and their back legs outside on the earth. The participants are asked to remove their shoes.

The ‘Encounter with the Other’ (Einandertreffen) requires previous participation in the process of ‘Encounter with Oneself’ (Selbsttreffen).

Anyone who has participated in an ‘Encounter with Oneself’ may request to arrange the second ‘Encounter with the Other’ process themselves or they can apply to participate in this ‘Encounter with the Other’ process, which is offered at irregular intervals by the team of Forum Ort des Treffens.

The process of ‘active listening’ is central to ‘Encountering the Other’. 

Übersetzung aus dem Deutschen: Helge Mücke